How can I manage users in Extranet?

If you need to change the settings in the Extranet of users of your accommodation option (e-mail, phone number, staff names and positions) you can do this yourself in the Emerging Travel Extranet system in the Staff field of the Hotel tab, General Information section.

The Add button enables you to create a new user, while the pencil icon in the row of a current user should be selected to edit it. You can find more details about adding and editing users in the respective article of the information center.

If you create a new user or edit an existing one, then apart from adding the main contact information, you can also choose which type of notifications you wish to receive at the email address that you indicated. To do this, tick the respective options in the Distributions row:

  1. Transactional automatic email notifications about bookings, booking cancelations, and payment errors (for details about payment errors see the respective section). Notifications of this type are sent after the respect actions have been completed;
  2. Digest – automatic reminders about bookings that begin in the upcoming 7 days. Are sent several times per day;
  3. Billing – automatic reminders about the need to carry out reconciliations of bookings and invoices issued for them. Reminders about reconciliations are sent at the beginning of the month, and invoices are sent after they are issued.

Note that the function for adding a new user automatically reviews the new user once it has been added. This means that if the user you are trying to add was already created in the Extranet system, then the system will issue an error message. If such an error or any other error occurs, then please contact the hotel support department by email, or by phone +1 917 7733488 so that we can help you assign the user to the required hotel.