How do I set up the credit card details request procedure?

If your property uses a payment terminal to preauthorize bank cards and/or charge fines, please follow the instructions below to set up a card details request procedure:

  1. Open the “Hotel” section;
  2. Select the “Payment and Taxes” tab;
  3. Tick the “Credit card required for confirmation” in the “Credit card info” block if you require your guests to provide their credit card details to make a reservation;
  4. Tick the “CVC required for confirmation” box if your terminal requests CVC-code for authorization;
  5. Otherwise, leave the boxes empty;
  6. Different rates may use different settings for card details request procedure. For example, card details provision may be obligatory for special offers, while standard rates may be reserved without any card details provided. To make credit card details provision obligatory, find the required rate in the "Rooms and rates" section, access its page via the "Edit rate" function at the drop-down menu and choose «Yes» in the dropdown menu next to the “Is credit card required for booking confirmation?” question