How do I stop sales for a certain period?

To stop sales for a certain period, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the “Availability” tab of the “Availability of Rooms” section;
  2. The “Availability” tab helps you manage your sales. Unlike the “Prices” tab, it only shows the number of rooms on sale;
  3. The chart shows whether certain rooms are on sale or not. If the cells opposite a certain room type are colored green, the sales are open and the rooms are available on site. If the sales are stopped, the cells are colored red. You can change the cell color by clicking on a relevant cell;
  4. To stop sales of a certain room, click on the corresponding cell in the “# of rooms” row opposite the room type title. For example, if you wish to stop selling your Standard Double Room on July, 25th please click on the cell in the “25th July” column of the “Standard Double Room” row. As soon as you click on the cell, it will change its color from green to red;
  5. If a certain room was unavailable, but no longer is, please remember to change its availability options by clicking on a relevant cell to change its color from red to green;
  6. You can edit the availability options for several days and/or rooms by clicking and holding your left mouse button while moving the cursor over the relevant cells;
  7. To save your changes, click on the appearing “Save” button. To discard the changes, press “Cancel".