How do I change the email address for my booking notifications?

You can change the email address to which your notifications will be sent. To do this, open General Info in the Hotel tab and click on the pencil icon in the line containing the address you wish to change. After entering the new address, click the Save button.

Bear in mind that if your old email address is deleted from the system on your request, Extranet access using that email's username will be blocked. To obtain Extranet Emerging Travel access using a new email address, send a request to (including your hotel ID in the subject line and the address for which you need access in the message body). 

If you wish to retain Extranet access for your current mail address, but you need to unsubscribe from any of the mailings you have been receiving, uncheck the mailing you want to unsubscribe from in Subscriptions.

  • Bookings: automatic notifications about bookings and cancellations, and also notifications related to the payment error process (for more details about the payment error process see the relevant section). Messages of these types are sent when the relevant actions are performed;
  • Digest: automatic notifications about bookings where guests are to arrive in the next 7 days. Sent out once every few days;
  • Financial reports: automatic notifications about the need to validate bookings, and also invoices related to them. Validation reminders are sent at the beginning of the month, invoices when they are received.