I cannot log into Emerging Travel Extranet with my login details.

If you cannot access the system, try the following suggestions in sequence:

  1. Check that you are using the link extranet.emergingtravel.com – you cannot access the hotelier’s online account via Emerging Travel Group websites (Ostrovok.ru, ZenHotels.com, B2B.Ostrovok.ru or RateHawk.com) – these are sites for clients;
  2. If you have received more than one email with a password, only use the password that came in the most recent email – passwords sent earlier are no longer valid;
  3. We recommend that you copy the login and password from the email. Be careful – the password contains only 8 characters. If you copy an extra space it will be treated by the system as an extra character, and you will be unable to access the Emerging Travel Extranet;
  4. If you enter the login details manually, then please enter them in the same case in which they are shown in the email, i.e. small or capital letters, as the system is case-sensitive;
  5. If possible, use Google Chrome as your browser. It’s best not to use Internet Explorer;
  6. Try to clear your cache and browser cookies (for instructions, see – https://clear-my-cache.com/en/windows.html) and then try logging in again.

If you can still not log into the system, send a request to hotels@emergingtravel.com (in the email show the ID of the accommodation option, attach the screenshot where you see the error and tell us which browser you are using).