What should I do if "Missed" status is unavailable?

Check the expected arrival date first. A “Missed” status is only available during two working days starting on the following day from the expected arrival date. For example, if your guest has booked a room for July 10th to 14th, you will only be able to set the booking status to “No-show” during 2 working days starting from July 11th.

Check the cancellation policy for a corresponding rate plan. Please note that if your property policy states that the booking cost can be charged in full as a cancellation fee or a non-refundable prepayment (which means that the rate plan is non-refundable), the commission is due to be paid and the “No-show” status will not be available.

In case if you attempted to set the “Payment Error” status and didn’t complete the procedure leaving the booking uncancelled, the “Missed” status will remain unavailable. We recommend that you follow through all the steps of a booking cancellation procedure before the expected arrival date in case if the card details provided were not correct. 

Please note that an overbooking does not cancel the commission for existing bookings and the “Missed” status will remain unavailable.

If cases mentioned do not apply to your situation, please email us at creditcontrol@emergingtravel.com  (remember to include your property ID and a no-show booking number).