What should I do if I have got an invoice for a no-show booking?

According to the contract with the company, the accommodation option has the right to assign a No-show status to bookings within 2 working days starting from the day after the expected arrival date. If this period was not observed, the commission for the booking is still due and included in the invoice. The issued invoice cannot be amended.

Note that in the case of overbooking commission for the booking is still due, and you cannot assign a No-show status to this booking. If No-show status for that booking was assigned by the accommodation option, the status will be restored by Emerging Travel staff, and in that case, double commission will be charged for it.

If the No-show status was assigned by you in the Emerging Travel Extranet system within the allowed deadlines and there was no overbooking in respect of that booking, send a request to creditcontrol@emergingtravel.com (in the email show the ID of the accommodation option, the reporting month and the booking number which was assigned No-show status).