What are the photo requirements?

  1. The optimal number of general photos for each accommodation option is 20-30, with up to 50 allowed. No more than 25 should be uploaded for each room category.
  2. Optimal resolution is 1,024х768 and above, and the minimum allowed is 840х460. (The optimal resolution for vertical photos is 576х768, and the minimum allowed is 375х500.)
  3. The order for arranging them is as follows: 1st photo — the building facade of the accommodation option (1 photo), 2nd set of photos — reception (several if you have them), then the lobby (several) and then the following in this order: the best room photos (this is essential, and you should start with the bedroom and then show the bathroom), cafes/restaurants/bars, fitness center/swimming pool/spa, conference halls (if they exist), territory of the accommodation option (swimming pools, beach, gardens and so on), evening shots and more facade photos (if there are more of them). For apartments, it’s fine to place the facade photo at the end of the gallery. 
  4. When uploading photos, place them in a visually logical sequence.
  5. You should upload only up to date, relevant, and truthful photos of the accommodation option.
  6. If an insufficient number of photos are uploaded to the main gallery of the accommodation option in the Emerging Travel Extranet, room photos taken from the Emerging Travel Extranet will be uploaded to the page of the accommodation option.
  7. When you update photos in the Emerging Travel Extranet, we synchronize the general gallery and the gallery for room categories.
  8. Photos uploaded in the Emerging Travel Extranet are displayed by priority when a gallery on the site is created, but we do not guarantee that they will be uploaded with the same appearance, number or sequence in which they were uploaded to the Emerging Travel Extranet. When hotel photos are uploaded from the Emerging Travel Extranet, the site applies all the standard requirements listed above, and the gallery is edited by the content department.
  9. Photos with the following content should not be uploaded:
  • We do not upload photos with pictures of people (with the exception of reception staff), close-ups of food, separate items of decor/interior, personal items of tourists, macro photos, views of the town, superfluous elements not related to the hotel (for example, cars with readable registration plates, animals, local sights, etc), or logos or inscription.
  • We don’t use photos with sloping horizons, corner photos, those where details of rooms or of the accommodation option are difficult to make out, those that are too light or too dark, blurred/dirty/grainy photos or photos with stickers and frames, etc.. Nor do we allow rotated photos. 
  • In the rooms gallery, we do not display photos of the surrounding area, buildings or common rooms of the accommodation option, or photo collages (several photos on the same picture).
  • If there are enough photos in the gallery we do not display Xmas/New Year photos (fir trees, signs showing the year, decorations, and so on).
  • We do not display on the site renders, collages or paintings (i.e., which are not actual photos). Exceptions can be renders of new hotels that are being prepared for opening if there are no actual photos available yet.
  • We do not upload photos that show the time or date.
  • We do not upload maps of the territory or room layouts to the photo gallery of the accommodation option and rooms.