What are the maximum/minimum “per arrival” and “per stay” restrictions?

The length of stay can be restricted by two parameters: 

  1. The “per arrival” restriction applies only if the arrival date coincides with a start date for a length of stay restriction. For example, if the July 3rd is a start date for a 4-night “Stay duration restriction” and your guest will choose to check in on July 3rd, a minimum of 4 nights stay will only be available for booking. However, should your guest choose another date (e.g. July 2nd or 4th) the restriction will no longer apply.
  2. The  “per stay” restriction is more general and applies to all the bookings which include the selected date. For example, if the “per stay” restriction includes July 3rd and states 4 nights as a minimum stay period, all bookings that will include July 3rd should be at least 4 nights long.

These restrictions allow you to set the maximum and minimum stay periods. For example, if a minimum stay period is 3 nights, the minimum restriction value should be set to “3". If a maximum stay period is 10 nights, the maximum restriction value should be set to “10".