How to increase the number of bookings through Emerging Travel Group sites?

To get more bookings through Emerging Travel Group sites, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below:

  1. Set your prices and availability for a year ahead or further 
  2. Ensure there are no periods when all your room types are closed for sale for more than 3 days
  3. Ensure your sales are open on holiday dates (especially Christmas or Easter holidays) 
  4. Ensure you have at least 2 rooms available for every room type (not applicable to small properties)
  5. Ensure you have a Hybrid contract signed
  6. Ensure you have non-refundable rates and rates for active users
  7. Ensure you have an option of “no card needed” reservation 
  8. Ensure you uploaded enough photos that match our requirements (check the guidelines at “Property and rooms listing photos” section, point three) 

If the aforementioned recommendations still do not result in any improvements, please email us at (remember to include your property ID).