How do I set up the prepayment terms?

If the prepayment is applicable for a selected rate plan, please define the corresponding rate plan settings in the fields provided. Please note that the prepayment can only be charged in case if your property uses a payment terminal and if you require credit card details for all reservations at your property. To set up the prepayment terms, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the "Rooms and rates" tab
  2. Find the liable to change rate plan in the list (for your convenience you can use the search line or the "Group by" feature)
  3. Click the three dots symbol at the line of the rate plan and choose the Edit rate option from the drop-down menu
  4. Tick the “Prepayment” checkbox;
  5. Specify the prepayment rate;
  6. Tick the “Refundable” checkbox if the prepayment amount is refunded during a free cancellation period or leave the checkbox empty otherwise. Please ensure your cancellation policy falls in line with your prepayment terms, i.e. if prepayment is non-refundable your booking cancellation fees should also be non-refundable.


If your property uses wire/card transfers, the cancellation and prepayment policies can not be set up on the Extranet. To set up wire/card transfers, please email us at specifying your property ID, the prepayment method and its rate, whether the prepayment is refunded in case of booking cancellation, and the refund terms if applicable. Our Hotel Support department will make sure these details are added in the “Important information" block on your property page. If you wish to contact your guest concerning prepayment terms, please address our 24/7 Client Service via