How to enable or disable credit card provision requirement?

To increase sales, we recommend you turn off an automatic request for bank card details at booking time. According to our company's research, hotels that do not ask for bank card details at booking time attract more clients. And the number of bookings rises even if you take account of cancellations and no-shows.

To switch on automatic requests for bank card details for your hotel, open the Hotel > Payment and Taxes tab in Extranet. In the Credit card info section, check Credit card required for confirmation. If your bank terminal also requires a CVC code to charge funds, check CVC required for confirmation. If card details/CVC code are not required for a booking, make sure these fields are unchecked.


You can also switch off the automatic request for bank details not for your whole hotel but for specific tariffs. To do this, go to the Rooms and rates tab and find the relevant rate plan on the list (for your convenience you can use the "Group by rates" feature). Then you need to click the three dots sign at the right part of the rate plan line and choose the "Edit rate" option from the drop-down menu. At the rate plan page, you need to select No next to Is credit card required for booking confirmation?