What should I do if I got a reconciliation notification?

Reconciliation gives hotels the ability to check the list of bookings before invoicing and to correct them so that the invoice is accurate (e.g. to change the price or length of stay under a booking). No-shows cannot be indicated via reconciliation: they can only be indicated in Review mode within two working days from the moment when the guest fails to check in. Changes can be made only after the date of the guest's departure as indicated in the booking and before the moment of invoicing.

Depending on the working model, reconciliation can be divided into Agency and Merchant parts. The type of working model can be selected using the appropriate filter.

Amounts and dates of bookings can be edited only by Emerging Travel employees. If guests' stay or amount under a given booking has been cut, you must send a request to creditcontrol@emergingtravel.com asking for the change to be made and including your hotel ID, the booking number, and the new information in your message.