How to add a user or change their access in Emerging Travel Extranet.

You may change the list of users and their access to properties on the Company settings page. To open it, click on the arrow next to your login in the top right corner and then select the Company settings section from the drop-down list. 

Please note that this section is only available to users with a Master role. 

Adding a new user

1. Click Add user to the right of the screen.


2. In the window that opens, fill in all the fields highlighted with a red star. 


3. In the Properties row, select those properties to which the new user should have access.

Please note that a phone number needs to be entered for at least one of your added users.

You can see here which letters the new user will receive after signing up to mail distribution.

Editing an existing user

1. Find the user whose data you wish to edit and click on the three dots.


2. Click on Edit in the drop-down menu and make the required changes.

Please note: you may change any information about the user except for their email address. If you need to change their email address, please add the new user once again, including the correct information. 

If the user has the wrong email address, simply withdraw their access to the properties. We explain below how to do this. 

Changing a user’s access to properties

1. Find the user whose access to properties you wish to change, and place a tick next to their name.

2. Click on the Property Assignment button that appears above.


After that, a window will open where you can view properties to which the user already has access and make the necessary changes.


To grant access: select the property from the list, click Add and then click Assign.

To withdraw access: click the “X” next to the name of the required property.