How can I register in the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet?

Registration in the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet consists of two stages. To register a new property, follow this link

First stage – basic information and contact details

Registration form – fill in all fields.

Legal form – select the organizational and legal form that your property operates under (legal entity or individual entrepreneur).

Please note: we do not work with private individuals at the moment.

Contact details: indicate the contact information of the employee who will be managing your property. After registration is complete, you can add additional users in your Personal Account.

About the property: Specify the basic information about your property (name, type of property, and address). When you type the name, a list of properties that are already on our website may drop down. If you see your property in this list, please select it and most of the information will be filled in automatically.

Click the “Register property” button.

After this, you will receive an e-mail with the information you need to log in to the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet. Please follow the link in the e-mail

Second stage – detailed information about the hotel

First step: upload photos.

Upload at least six general photos of the property (photos of the front of the building, reception desk, and other common areas).

Second step: specify the amenities that guests are provided with.

Indicate the property’s star rating, total number of rooms, payment currency, and channel manager, if you are working with one.

List the amenities that are located on the property and are available to all guests, regardless of the room category they have booked.

Third step: create room categories.

  • Fill in the basic information about the room category: its name, floorspace, number of guests, number of rooms available for booking, and the cost of accommodation.
  • Upload photos.
  • Indicate the amenities available to guests in this room category.
  • Create discounted rates. We recommend that you create all additional special offers to increase the likelihood that it will be your property that guests will book. If any of our special offers are not relevant to your property, simply uncheck the box beside its name.

Fourth step: sign an agreement with our company.

Fill in all the details about your legal entity.

Note that you can take a look at the agreement before you fill in the information—to do this, click on the “Read the Public Offer Agreement” button, which will appear after you indicate the organizational and legal form that your property operates under.

After you have completed all four steps, the process of uploading the property to the websites of the Emerging Travel Group begins (this takes three business days on average), and you will be given full access to your Personal Account, where you can manage the information about the property online.