Whom to contact if you have an urgent query (you need to withdraw availability, contact a guest or cancel a booking)?

To help you resolve urgent queries we have created a separate email address: hotelsupport@emergingtravel.com. Requests will be handled as a priority within 24 hours.

What query is considered urgent?

You may send a query to hotelsupport@emergingtravel.com in one of three cases:

  • You need to withdraw availability in order to avoid overbooking;
  • You requested prepayment in the chat with a guest (providing bank account details, the amount and deadline for payment), but the guest did not make the payment by the deadline and has stopped contacting you;
  • You agreed with a guest that their booking would be canceled, but the guest  does not have this function.

Please note that no other queries will be handled — there are different contact means for those.

Where to send other queries?

Queries that are not classed as urgent may be raised in the Ostrovok.ru Extranet chat (you need to provide the accommodation ID) or by email:

  • hotels@emergingtravel.com — registering and activating accommodation, updating content (description, categories, photos);
  • billing@emergingtravel.com — payments and commission;
  • creditcontrol@emergingtravel.com — document reconciliation and reporting.