Requirements for uploaded photos
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  1. Image resolution


    for horizontal photos – 1024x768 and higher

    for vertical photos – 576х768 and higher


    for horizontal photos – 840х460

    for vertical photos – 375х500

  2. Subject

    Only current, relevant, and verifiable photographs of the property are displayed on the website.

  3. Amount

    General photos: 10-50

    Room photos: 3-25

    In case there are not enough general photos of a property in the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet, room photos are uploaded to the property’s main gallery.

  4. Order of photos

    When uploading photos of properties from the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet, all standard requirements listed above apply to the website, and the gallery is edited by the content department – the number and order of photos in the gallery may differ from what you uploaded.

  5. Content recommendations

    ✅ High-quality photos with no glare and with appropriate lighting

    ✅ Cleaned premises

  6. What photos will not be displayed

    The website does not display photographs showing:

    1. People (excluding reception staff), close-ups of food, individual decor/interior items, personal belongings of tourists, macro photography, city views, unnecessary elements not related to the property (for example, cars with legible license plates, animals, nearby attractions, etc.), as well as logos and captions

    2. Sloping horizons, angle shots, photos where details of rooms or details of the property are difficult to see, photos that are too light or too dark, blurred/smudgy/grainy photos, photos with added effects/frames, upside down photos

    3. New Year’s symbols (if there are sufficient photos in the gallery)

    4. Renders, collages, or paintings (not real photos); exception – renders of new properties that are getting ready to open.

    5. Time and date stamps in the frame

    6. Maps and diagrams

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