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Sometimes hoteliers, especially those who recently connected to Extranet, have the following question: why does the accommodation content on user platforms not match the content that they uploaded to Extranet. More often than not, this concerns photos of the hotel or rooms.

The reason is that Emerging Travel Group works not only with the hotels directly, but also with major hotel suppliers who send the company rates, availability and all accompanying information about the hotel. Information received from the supplier and from the hotelier is combined and displayed in a single profile of the accommodation option on all platforms.

Suppliers do not always provide information in the same form in which it was provided by the hotel, therefore it may differ, although any discrepancies are quickly fixed.

If necessary, the hotelier can change the content independently. To do this, you need to upload the latest information about the hotel to Extranet – for example, to add photos of the hotel (Hotel Information Hotel photos section), photos of the rooms (select the rooms menu (the ellipsis to the right) from the Rooms and rates tab – Open roomPhotos). After that, you need to contact the regional manager or the support service by email, providing the hotel ID and explaining that you have uploaded to Extranet current photos of the accommodation that should be used on all of the company’s resources. The changes will go live within 48 hours.

In the same way you may change any other information about the hotel: for example, room category names or the rates.

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