How do I add extra restrictions to a rate plan?
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To add additional restrictions to a rate, you can utilize rate templates. For instance, to designate a rate as non-refundable, modify its cancellation policy in the Extranet Emerging Travel Group by deselecting the "Free Cancellation" option. To impose minimum stay requirements for specific dates, navigate to the "Restrictions" tab and select "Minimum Stay."

The types of restrictions that can be applied to include:

  • Early booking

  • Hot offer

  • Night rate

  • Specified sale period

  • Rate for active users

  • Rate Guarantee until 18:00

For imposing limits on the minimum or maximum duration of stay, or specifying check-in/check-out dates, refer to the "Availability and Prices" section or the "Restrictions" tab. Additionally, restrictions concerning the opening/closing of sales times (minimum/maximum hours before arrival) can be set directly on the rate page.

If you aim to implement a "Set sales period" restriction for a rate (enabling you to determine stay dates and/or booking dates), please email [email protected] with the accommodation object ID, rate name, and restriction details.

Special offers such as early booking, last-minute booking, among others, can be integrated into the rates, offering a discount from the primary rate (for detailed instructions, click here). Unlike restrictions, special offers denote a reduction in the standard rate.

Need to make a correction?

Should you need to change restrictions to an existing rate, kindly forward a request to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Accommodation facility's ID number

  • Rate's name

  • Desired restrictions.

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