How can I close sales for specific dates?
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  1. Open the “Availability and Prices” section, then select the Availability tab. In this mode, room prices are not visible, only the number of rooms for sale.

  2. Rooms that are open for sale are marked in green, whereas rooms that are closed for sale are marked in red. You can change the cell’s color by clicking on it.

  3. In order to close sales of rooms, click on the corresponding cell in the “Number of rooms” row to the right of the room names. For example, if you want to close sales of a standard double room on July 25th, then click on the cell in the July 25th column in the row to the right of this room. The cell’s color will change from green to red by clicking on it.

  4. If sales of a room were closed, but it has now become available for booking again, click on the red cell and it will change back to green.

  5. If you need to change several adjacent cells, hold down the left mouse button to select the required range.

  6. After making the changes, buttons will appear below the table: click “Save” to confirm the changes in the system, or click “Cancel” to return to the default settings.

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