What should I do if the property is closed but still showing up on the website?
Updated over a week ago

Check to ensure that the status of the property in the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet has been changed to “Closed for booking”.

If a different status is shown, please send a request to [email protected]. Indicate the property ID in your e-mail.

If the property is closed for booking but is still showing up on the website, try to book a room:

  • if rooms are not available for booking, your property’s page is displayed on the website temporarily and will soon be hidden

  • if rooms are available for booking, they have been provided through our partners

The websites of the Emerging Travel Group not only display properties that we have direct contracts with, but also those from suppliers. If you see an offer for your property that you closed on the Extranet, it’s possible that this data is being transmitted to us by one of our common partners.

In this case, we recommend that you check the sales channels you are working with. It’s possible that the property is open on one of the sales channels and this data is being transmitted to us.

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