What is a B2B rate and how can I create one?
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B2B rates are rates that are only available for closed sales channels for industry professionals (travel agents and tour operators). As a rule, they are lower than rates for independent travelers, as travel professionals book large volumes, and before the guest gets a voucher the offer goes through a number of intermediaries.

The different types

BAR — a commission rate with a special discount for B2B clients.

Calculation formula: the net price minus the discount (20-25%) plus the commission %.

NET — a rate without commission with the maximum possible discount.

Calculation formula: the gross price minus the discount (20-25%).

Where they are available

  1. On RateHawk — an international service for travel industry professionals.

  2. On B2B.Ostrovok — Russian service for travel industry professionals.

  3. On Ostrovok.ru Komandirovki — Russian service for business travelers.

  4. On the sites of API partners — companies that thanks to API integrations have uploaded our inventory to their own website and sell directly to their own clients.

Who is interested in them

  1. Corporate clients booking hotels for business trips.

  2. Tour operators putting together package holidays.

  3. Travel agents selecting options for their clients.

  4. TMCs organizing business tours and business trips.

Who can add a rate

Partners of Emerging Travel Group working in Extranet under a hybrid or merchant contract.

How to check which collaboration model is selected:

  1. Open the Hotels section.

  2. Select the Payment and taxes tab.

  3. Find the Business model item.

If you want to change the operating model, please write to [email protected] or call 8 (800) 555-65-36.

How to add B2B rates in ETG Extranet

  1. Open the Rooms and rates tab.

  2. Click on Add rate. In the dropdown menu select the rate type: NET (without commission) or BAR (with commission included in the price).

  3. Tick B2B in the rate description section.

  4. Complete the other required information.

  5. Click on Save.

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