What should I do if my property is not displayed on the website?
Updated over a week ago
  • Check availability.

If the property does not appear on the website, check to see if all fields are completed in the “Rates and availability” table in the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet.

  • Check status.

If availability, rates, and restrictions have been uploaded correctly, then check the status of the property — it must be “Available for booking”. If you have just registered the property and its status is “Details being entered and checked”, make sure that all the necessary information has been filled in. If your property has a different status, please send a request to [email protected]. In your e-mail, indicate the property ID and its current status.

  • Check your e-mail.

If the status of the property in the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet is “Available for booking”, check when you received the e-mail about the property being published online. You can find the e-mail by the subject line: “Your hotel has been published on the websites of the Emerging Travel Group. Please read this e-mail closely.”

If the e-mail arrived less than 24 hours ago, then the information has not been completely uploaded to the website yet, and you need to wait a little while for the property to appear on the website. If more than 48 hours have passed since publication, please contact us about this at [email protected] (indicate the property ID in the e-mail subject line).

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