Composition of a hotel rating
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Users see a hotel rating on and other Emerging Travel Group sites that is composed on the basis of guests’ marks.

A mark out of ten is assigned, and accommodation options with a rating of at least 8.0 and over 40 reviews win an annual award — Ostrovok Guest Choice. You may read in more detail about the award here.

Types of rating

A rating awarded by a traveler is called an individual one. Individual ratings are assigned for separate parameters and there is also an overall individual rating for the hotel, which is calculated as the mean rating of all parameters.

There is also an overall rating — by parameter and by hotel. An overall parameter rating (for example, for cleanliness) is calculated as the mean of individual ratings for cleanliness. The hotel’s overall rating is calculated as the mean of individual ratings for the hotel. Now we discuss each type in more detail.

Individual rating

Several days after check-out the guest is requested to rate their accommodation, assigning a rating to each of the following parameters:

  • Cleanliness

  • Location

  • Value for money

  • Service

  • Room

  • Meals

After that, the rating gets moderated and appears on the site in the following format.


Other site users will see both the rating for each parameter and the overall rating for the hotel, which is calculated as the mean of parameter ratings.

Please note: if a rating is not assigned to a parameter, then that parameter will not be included in the final calculation, meaning that it will not influence the hotel’s overall individual rating.

Overall rating

The overall rating appears on the booking page and in the header of the reviews section.


The overall rating is also split into parameter ratings and also set for the hotel as a whole, and is calculated as their mean based on individual ratings.

For example, if in your accommodation 10 guests assign a rating for cleanliness in their individual ratings, then all 10 ratings are added together and divided by 10 — which gives us the overall rating for cleanliness.

If any guests fail to rate cleanliness then this will not be included in the calculation and will not impact the overall mark.

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