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If a user liked the accommodation’s photos they will want to read its description. At this stage it’s very important to appear an attractive proposition for the potential guest.

Check that your page on the ETG site (for example, shows full and up-to-date information (address, description, available amenities).

What you should do if you need to correct the accommodation’s information or description

Tell us about the mistake or inaccuracy by writing to [email protected]. In your message please provide the accommodation ID and be specific about what needs to be fixed.

What you should do if you need to change the amenities

Open the Hotel tab in your online account and update the information in the Amenities section. The changes should take effect within 48 hours.

What you should do if the hotel doesn’t appear on the map

Check in ETG Extranet whether the location is set correctly — the point on the map and the address. If you find a mistake, please let us know by writing to [email protected], providing the accommodation ID and the precise address.

If the point on the map and the address are both correct, please check whether availability uploads to the site — it’s possible that the accommodation does not appear on the map or in the search output due to a lack of availability.

If everything in the Rates and availability tab of ETG Extranet is correct, then please let us know about the mistake by writing to [email protected]. In your message, please include a link to the ETG site where you don’t see the availability that you see in ETG Extranet.

What you should do if the site shows several duplicate room categories or the rooms on the site do not match those in ETG Extranet

Please write to us at [email protected], including a link to the site where you see a mistake, as well as a link to the Rooms and rates tab in your online account in ETG Extranet. Explain in the message exactly what needs to be edited.

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