How to switch to a Hybrid model
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To change your collaboration model to Hybrid you need to create a new contract — you can do this on your own in your online account:

  1. Open the Invoices tab and select Create contract.

  2. Indicate whether you operate as a legal entity (open JSC, LLC or closed JSC) or whether you are a sole trader.

  3. Provide your tax identification number, bank BIC, and bank account number, and select whether you are a VAT payer.

  4. Tick I confirm and click on Continue.

  5. Check that the bank account details contained in the agreement are correct, and review the conditions and Appendix A Operating Rules and Procedures.

  6. Tick the field where it states “I have read the Operating Rules and Procedures” and click the Accept button. The contract will take effect immediately after that.

After this, you only need to change the payment type in the rates. How to do it:

  1. Open the Rooms and rates section.

  2. Select the rate for which you need to change the payment method.

  3. Click on the ellipsis to the right and then select Open rate from the pop-up menu.

  4. Change the payment model in the rate conditions from Payment at the hotel(Agency/Merchant) to Payment at the hotel or online (Hybrid).

  5. Click on Save.

Why switch to a Hybrid model

Hybrid is the most effective collaboration model, as it combines an agency agreement and a service provision agreement, and helps to attract all types of Emerging Travel Group users:

  • Independent travelers who prefer to pay when checking in at the accommodation;

  • Corporate staff and travel agents, who usually choose to pay on the site.

If you have any remaining questions please write to [email protected].

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