How to check the accommodation’s status
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The accommodation’s status show the progress of your set-up with ETG Extranet — for example, whether you are still filling in registration information or are awaiting publication on the sites. The status is displayed in the top right-hand corner of your online account.

Possible statuses

  • “Registration is incomplete” means that there is not enough information to register the accommodation. You need to add all the required information (upload photos, select additional services, create rooms and rates) and accept the online contract.

You can keep track of the information completion process thanks to a special progress indicator — it will appear in your online account as soon as you register the accommodation.

The appearance of the icons changes as you fill in the information.

Once the stages have all been completed, your accommodation will be accorded the next status — “Awaiting moderation”.

  • “Awaiting moderation” means that the information about your accommodation is being reviewed. The review may take up to 14 days. As soon as the review is completed the status changes and the publication process begins.

  • “Awaiting publication” means that your accommodation has completed the review stage and will be published on all of our sites in the coming days. Don’t forget to update availability so that guests can book accommodation.

  • “Active” means that your accommodation is already visible to users of all our sites. Check that the rates and availability are up to date.

  • “Closed” means that your accommodation is not found in the search and cannot be booked. To change the status to “Active” please contact the support service.

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