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What information to fill in so that your accommodation is published on ETG sites?
What information to fill in so that your accommodation is published on ETG sites?
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To make your accommodation available for booking on the company’s sites (, Business Trips,, and, you need to fill in the general information.

Name and address

Your online account home page contains an Information tab with the following information about your accommodation:

  • name;

  • address;

  • number of rooms, check-in and check-out time.

This section automatically populates with data from the registration form. Please check that the information is up to date and edit it if necessary.

Photos and description

The accommodation’s photos and description may be changed at any time.

In order to increase sales, choose picturesque, high-quality photos and delete out of date ones promptly.

How to upload general photos of the hotel

  1. Open the Hotel section.

  2. Select the Hotel photos tab.

  3. Read the system recommendations on uploading photos.

  4. Click on Photo upload.

  5. Select the photos that you wish to upload.

  6. In the Hotel section upload 10-50 general photos of your accommodation: the building façade, reception area, lobby, restaurant, fitness center, swimming pool and other public areas.

Photos should be displayed in the following sequence:

  • building façade (one);

  • reception and lobby (a few);

  • best photos of the rooms (first the bedrooms/living area, then the bathrooms);

  • cafes/restaurants/bars;

  • fitness center/swimming pool/spa;

  • conference halls;

  • accommodation’s territory (swimming pools, beach, garden);

  • night shots and photos of the façade (if there are several). In the case of apartments, it’s acceptable for the façade photos to be placed at the end of the gallery.

Room photos are uploaded separately in the relevant section

How to upload room photos

  1. Open the Rooms section and select the relevant room.

  2. Click on Room photos in the upper panel.

  3. Read the system recommendations on uploading photos.

  4. Click on Photo upload and add 3-25 photos that only pertain to the selected room category.

General photos of the accommodation may be added in the Hotel section (see How to upload general photos of the hotel).

Useful information

In the Information for guests section you may display:

  • the check-in manager’s phone number;

  • the accommodation’s website.

Enter the reception desk’s working hours in the General information section. To do this, click on Edit and select one of the following options:

  • there is no reception desk;

  • reception desk works at set times (display them);

  • reception desk works 24/7.

If your accommodation rules stipulate that the guest does not receive the keys at reception then please indicate how they are to receive them:

  1. Go to the Hotel section.

  2. Select the Information tab.

  3. In the Phone for guests tab choose one of the following options: Call a number or Collect at the indicated address.

How to connect or disconnect a channel manager

In our online account in ETG Extranet go to the Information tab, open the Channel manager block and select the channel manager with which you work.

If you are only planning to start working with a channel manager but cannot find an appropriate one, then contact our hotels support service for advice by writing to [email protected]. We will tell you about the latest promotions and choose the optimal option for you.

Once these blocks have been filled in your accommodation will appear on Emerging Travel Group sites within three working days — site users will see it but will only be able to book once you add rooms, availability and prices. We explain how to do that here.

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