How do I fill in the “Beds” section?

The  “Beds” section contains information on basic occupancies available in a certain room type. To fill in this section, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the “Rooms and rates” section;
  2. Find a room liable to changes in the list of rooms and acctss its page by clicking the "Edit room" option in the drop-down menu;
  3. Go to the “Beds” tab;
  4. Click on the “Add configuration” button;
  5. Click on the «+» button next to the “Bedding type” title that appears below;
  6. When a drop-down menu appears, choose a bedding type available in a selected room type (e.g., “Single");
  7. Specify the number of beds available in a selected room type. For example, if two single beds are available in a selected room type, please enter “2” in the “Quantity” field in a corresponding line;
  8. If a selected room uses different bed configurations, please add the configurations one by one. For example, to list a room type which may use one double bed or two single beds, click on the “Add configuration” button, choose “Double” in the “Bedding type” and enter “1” in the “Quantity” field. To add an alternative configuration, click on the “Add configuration” button again, choose “Single” in the “Bedding type” and enter “2” in the “Quantity” field;
  9. Once you have completed the additional bedding section, remember to click on the “Save changes” button.