What should I do if a guest has provided incorrect bank card details to pay for or to secure a booking?

If a guest has provided incorrect bank card details, you can assign Payment Error status to this booking in the Bookings tab. To do this, you must:

  1. Open the Bookings section.
  2. Find the booking you need and click on the three dots symbol on the right side of the booking line.
  3. Select Payment Error status and indicate the reason why you could not use the bank card.
  4. The guest will be sent an e-mail and SMS notification requesting them to enter new payment details.
  5. A second booking notification will be sent to the property’s e-mail address with a PDF file containing the guest’s new bank card details.
  6. If the bank card details are correct, assign Active status to the booking. Keep in mind that you will not be able to reassign Payment Error status to the booking.
  7. If the bank card is not able to be charged once again or you have not received the new payment details, you may cancel the booking within 12 hours (if there are less than 48 hours before check-in) or within 24 hours (if there are more than 48 hours before check-in). To do this, select Booking Cancellation status and save the changes.


Remember that Payment Error status is only available for bookings that meet the following conditions:

  • the booking was made using the Agency model (type of payment: “Payment at the hotel”)
  • the booking was made with a request for bank card details
  • in the Payment and Taxes section (Hotel tab), at least one type of payment system is indicated as the payment method
  • the check-in date for the booking is in the future
  • Payment Error status has not been assigned to this booking yet and the booking has not been canceled