I received a notification about the need to reconcile. What does this mean?

Reconciliation makes it possible for a property to check the list of bookings prior to invoicing and to correct them. For example, you can change the cost or duration of stay of a booking.

Important: a no-show cannot be entered during reconciliation. It is to be marked only in “Review” mode within two business days from the date of the no-show. Changes can only be made after a guest’s check-out date that was specified in the booking and before an invoice is issued.

Depending on the work model, reconciliation can be divided into two parts: Agency and Merchant. The type of work model can be selected through the corresponding filter.

The amounts and dates of bookings can only be edited by the Emerging Travel Group’s specialists. If the dates/amounts for one of a guest’s bookings have been reduced, you must send a request for changes to creditcontrol@emergingtravel.com and indicate the property ID, the booking number, and the correct dates/amount of the booking in your e-mail.