Regarding restrictions applied to very recently registered accommodation

Immediately after an accommodation option is published only prepaid rates will be available for booking — this restriction is temporary and will be in effect until check-out is completed for at least one booking paid for online. After that, the restriction is automatically lifted and all rates will appear on the sites.

This measure is necessary to protect guests from fraudsters, and to protect you from sending clients to fictitious hotels.


What you should do if you only provide rates with payment at check-in 

  1. If you work under the Agency model then switch to the Hybrid model (instructions) so that you obtain the option to add rates with another payment method. Later, you can revert back to your preferred model or add only one type of rate.
  2. Add rates with payment on the website at booking to your online account  (instructions). 
  3. Enter your bank details so that we can transfer payment to you in the reporting period (instructions). 

If you have any questions, please contact the support service.