How to obtain a quality mark from Emerging Travel Group
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Here we explain how to be ranked among the best accommodation options and why it’s beneficial.

Ostrovok Guests' Choice

Ostrovok Guests' Choice is an award given to accommodation in Russia based on guests’ reviews.

How to get the award

To get the award, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Rating from users — at least 8.0;

  • Number of reviews — over 40;

  • Number of completed stays — over 40;

  • Ratio of incidents to number of completed stays — below 15%.

The award is annual, and all the parameters are based on data as of 10 January. For example, this means that 2021 winners are determined on 10 January 2022, while 2022 winners will become known on 10 January 2023. The list of 2021's best hotels can be viewed in the blog.

Some parameters — the number of reviews and rating — can be tracked independently in your ETG Extranet online account, Reviews tab.

What is included in the award

  • A bar at the top of the accommodation’s page for a current year winner

  • A badge in the Awards section with the year shown.


A diploma together with a sticker for the front door will be sent to the accommodation’s physical address.

Why it’s beneficial

  • A bright badge on your accommodation’s page will attract the attention of users from all Emerging Travel Group sites: Russian sites,, and Business Trips, as well as international sites and You can also get more bookings from both individual and business travelers in Russia and abroad.

  • Potential guests will see the quality mark before they even study the reviews, which means that they will become convinced that it provides a high-quality service.

  • Your accommodation will be included in the selection of the very best — we additionally promote these selections in the brand blog and social networks.

  • The sticker on the door will attract guests’ attention and increase the chances that they will return. is part of Emerging Travel Group, which manages five travel brands: Russian brands, B2B.Ostrovok and Business Trips, as well as international brands ZenHotels and RateHawk.

If you have any questions about Ostrovok Guests' Choice please contact the hotel support service:

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