How do I indicate the conditions for early check-in and late check-out?
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  1. Open the Hotel section, then open the Policies tab.

  2. Select “Early check-in, late check-out”.

  3. Check the box “Early check-in available/Late check-out available” depending on which service is available.

  4. Click “Add”.

  5. In the fields that appear, indicate the time when early check-in is available from and/or time when late check-out is available until, and the additional cost of these services.

  6. Click “Save” in the lower-left corner of the screen.

  7. If your property has different additional costs for various early check-in and late check-out times, repeat steps 2-4.

Please note: these services are confirmed automatically (not upon request). If you have the option of early check-in/late check-out, and the date before check-in (in the case of early check-in) or the date after check-out (in the case of late check-out) is available for booking, a guest will be able to make a reservation and add the necessary service on their own.

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