I received an invoice with a booking that was a no-show. What should I do?

According to the agreement with the Emerging Travel Group, the property has the right to assign a “No-show” status to a booking within two business days after the expected check-in date. If this deadline has not been met, the commission for this booking is retained and included in the invoice. The invoice cannot be corrected after it is issued.

In the case of overbooking, the booking commission is retained and you cannot enter a no-show for it. Even if the no-show for such a booking was entered by the property, it will be restored by the employees of the Emerging Travel Group and double commission will be charged on it.

If the “No-show” status was entered by you in the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet before the specified deadline and there was no overbooking for this reservation, please send a request to creditcontrol@emergingtravel.com. In your e-mail, indicate the property ID, the reporting month, and the booking number for which the no-show was entered.