What is the difference between accommodation restrictions and check-in restrictions?

Check-in restrictions become active only when a guest’s check-in date coincides with the date for which a restriction is set.

For example, on July 3rd there is a “Length of Stay upon check-in” restriction set for four days. If a guest wants to make a booking with the check-in date on July 3rd, he/she will need to make a booking for at least four days. But if the check-in date falls on the 2nd or 4th of July, then the restriction is no longer valid.

Accommodation restrictions are more general. They work if the booking period falls on the date on which such a restriction has been set. 

For example, if the Accommodation Restriction for four days has been set for July 3rd, then all bookings that include July 3rd must be at least four days long.

You can use these restrictions to specify the minimum number of days for bookings or to limit bookings to a maximum number of available days.

For example, if a booking must be no less than three nights, set the minimum stay restriction to “3”. If a booking must be no more than ten nights, set the maximum stay restriction to “10”.