How do I increase the number of bookings on the websites of the Emerging Travel Group?

  • Update your prices and availability for 12 months ahead or more
  • Ensure that there are no periods when all your room categories are closed for sale for more than 3 days
  • Don’t close sales on holidays (especially the Christmas or Easter holidays)
  • Add at least two available rooms for each room category (exception: mini-hotels)
  • Switch to a hybrid contract
  • Add promotions for active users and non-refundable, discounted rates
  • Allow for bookings that do not require bank card details to be entered
  • Ensure that the quality and quantity of your photos meet the requirements (see step two of creating a room category in the Emerging Travel Group’s Extranet)

If these recommendations are met but you fail to see an increase in the number of bookings, please send a request to us by e-mail at In your e-mail, indicate the property ID and the real price level, and also attach a screenshot of the page on the website where the “Price from” field is visible.