Available partnership models and the billing procedure

The payment method for bookings depends on the partnership model that you choose. By default, you are assigned the Hybrid model at registration (bookings may be paid for both on the site or in the hotel), but you may change it at any time to Agency (payment only in the hotel) or Merchant (payment on the site).


This is the most effective model: your accommodation option will be available for sale on all Emerging Travel Group sites. Guests get to choose how they will pay for the booking: directly in the hotel at check-in or in advance on the site.

Advantages of the Hybrid model

  • More bookings: not only independent travelers but travel agents and corporate clients will all see your accommodation.
  • Penalties for booking cancelations are always paid in accordance with the conditions that you set.
  • Your accommodation will occupy a higher rank in the search results.
  • We cover all the costs of banking operations at payment (acquiring). 


You receive the full price of the accommodation at check-in. At the beginning of the month following the reporting month we will issue an invoice for commission for bookings with completed check-outs, and you settle it.


The guest pays us for the booking. We will transfer to your account the amount for the stay after deducting our commission in the month after the month in which the guest checks out.

Procedure for reconciliation and payments

Reconciliation for bookings is carried out in the first five business days of each month. You need to open the Invoices tab of the Reconciliation section and check that the information is up to date. If you see any discrepancies, please write to creditcontrol@emergingtravel.com.

  • First five business days of the month (for example, 1–5 September) — we carry out reconciliation.
  • Next five business days of the month (for example, 8–12 September) — invoices are generated.
  • Next five business days of the month (for example, 15–19 September) — payment is made.

If you don’t manage to complete reconciliation in the first five business days of the month then it will be too late to adjust the invoice.

Please note: you only pay us commission for bookings with completed check-outs. Therefore, if the guest didn’t show up, make sure to set the booking status to No-show by yourself within two days of the guest’s planned check-in. You can do this in the Bookings tab.

If you have any questions about issued invoices then please contact the credit control department: creditcontrol@emergingtravel.com.