How to add rooms, rates, availability and prices
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In this section we explain how to begin working with the most important tab in Emerging Travel Group Extranet — Rates and availability. It determines the quantity of rooms and their price that your guests will see on the Emerging Travel Group sites. Correctly filling in this information and updating it promptly will help to avoid incidents with guests and preserve your accommodation’s reputation.

Automatic completion

In order to set availability and prices quickly use a channel manager.

  • If you already work with one of our partners, then map your already created room categories in your channel manager’s online account to those in your ETG Extranet online account, and the information will be copied over automatically. Don’t forget to check that the integration has completed successfully and that all the information matches.

  • If you don’t yet work with a channel manager but plan to do so then we advise you to familiarize yourself with the list of our partners.

  • If you already work with a channel manager but cannot find it in the list of those available for connection to ETG Extranet, then please write to us about this at [email protected].

Manual completion

The prices and availability of rooms can also be filled in manually in your online account. To do this, you need to create room categories and rates.

How to create rates

  1. Open the Rooms and rates tab and click on Create rate.

  2. Fill in the general information about the rate and set the prepayment terms. At this stage you can also set restrictions on the rate so that it is only sold to the B2B segment or only to registered users, and you can set the price type that you will upload to Extranet for the given rate — BAR or NET.

  3. Set the cancelation terms and penalty.

  4. Set the meal terms for the rate.

  5. Apply the rate to one or more room categories.

How to set availability and add prices

Open the Rates and availability tab in your online account and set all available rates and dates for booking. In Emerging Travel Group Extranet you may immediately set availability for up to two years in advance.

In the Rates and availability tab you may view, add or change prices and numbers of rooms per created categories and rates at any time.

The figures next to the room category signify the number of rooms available for sale.

In order to change the number of rooms on a particular date, click on the number. That way, you can reduce availability if you have received a booking from another resource, or open sales of newly-freed up rooms.

How to set prices

At first, all prices are set under the standard rate, but you may change them in accordance with the given season.

To do this, click on the square opposite Standard rate, set the price for the maximum number of guests in the room, and select the price validity period.

Calculation of discounts

If you have created additional rates with discounts — Non-refundable Rate, Early Booking or Rate for Active Users, then their discount is calculated automatically in accordance with the conditions that you set.

Turning off sales

If you need to turn off the sales of all rooms (for example, in the event of a group stay), select the green icon/red square and color the fields red.

Don’t forget to click Save after each action. This way, the ‘red’ rooms will be made unavailable for sale.

How to add a meal

If you want to increase sales then please set the meal in the rate. According to ETG Extranet analysts, 60% of our sites’ users prefer to book accommodation with meals.

  1. Open the Rates and availability tab.

  2. Click on the rate in the table that opens.

  3. Set the meal.

Important: you need to set the meal separately for each rate.

Restrictions on stay dates

You may also set restrictions on stay dates if needed. Open the Restrictions tab and set the minimum or maximum number of days of stay, or restrictions on check-in and check-out dates.

Important: you may manage the functionality of the Rates and availability section both from the desktop version of Extranet and from the mobile version. This will enable you to work effectively from different devices and make and save required changes as quickly as possible.

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