How do I set up prepayment?
Updated this week
  • open the Rooms and rates tab

  • click on the name of the rate for which prepayment is required

  • check the Prepayment box

  • indicate the amount of the prepayment

  • choose whether the prepayment is refundable (that is, refunded to the guest in the case of cancellation within the free cancellation period) or non-refundable. Please note that in this case, the booking cancellation policy must also be non-refundable.

If the prepayment is sent by bank transfer, please send an e-mail to the support center at [email protected].

Send an e-mail with “We ask you to make prepayment for booking #__” in the subject line, and indicate the amount, the payment terms, the payment methods, and bank details in the message body.

If a guest does not communicate or does not transfer the prepayment within the time frame you specified, please send a booking cancellation request to [email protected].

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