Special offers

If your accommodation provides special offers you may add them to ETG Extranet in order to attract more guests. To do this: 

  1. Open the Rooms and rates tab.
  2. Click on the ellipsis next to the rate on which you wish to offer a discount.
  3. Select the type of special offer and set all the required parameters: discount size, duration, meal type, and cancelation terms. The system tips will help you with this.
  4. Click the Create rate button.
  5. The created rate will appear in ETG Extranet under the main rate.

Please note: dependent rates are calculated automatically and are then customized only in Emerging Travel Group Extranet.

If you want to update dependent rates via an e-channel after creating the rate, please send a request to hotels@emergingtravel.com. In the message please provide the accommodation ID, the name of the rate that you need to make independent, and the name of your e-channel. 

If dependent rates should only allow bank transfers or payment only in the hotel, please inform us by writing to hotels@emergingtravel.com (by default, dependent rates are created with the hybrid payment model).

How to choose a special offer

Read here about special offers in ETG Extranet.

If you want to attract more independent travelers then you should join the client loyalty program, in other words offer an exclusive discount for active users. This discount may be applied to any rate and any room category. We explained above how to create a special offer.

If your priority is B2B sales (sales for travel agencies, corporate clients and other partners who book accommodation on Emerging Travel Group B2B sites), then it is worth considering the FIT rate. When you add it, you need to select the payment model — online (merchant), price type — NET. Then upload the FIT rates excluding commission from the channel manager, but only those which are intended for B2B channels. 

You may also offer a discount on the public price for B2B channels. To do this, write to your account manager or the support service, providing your accommodation ID and the discount terms (size, duration and cancelation terms).